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The Sovereign Arts Society, Inc. (SAS) was founded by Gary Rubenstein and Margo Itule in June of 1996 as a labor of love in an effort to share their passion for the Latin/African/Caribbean cultures with the community.  Utilizing the universal language of the arts, our educational outreach programs, events and presentations are designed to promote awareness of little-understood, minority cultures and encourage the dissolution of prejudicial barriers. Our programs enrich the community with coaxings toward acceptance, offering profound illustrations of the voice of artistic expression as the common thread binding all humanity, reminding us of our incredible potential.  


Inherent in the traditions of the focus cultures are potent tribal and communal elements, which strongly influence and inspire audiences to explore the essential importance of societal creativity. Through outreach programming, participants incorporate learned traditions into their own continually evolving creative process, enhancing the quality of life and creating united, vibrant and culturally aware communities. 


SAS is particularly focused on quality, ongoing, interactive, cultural exchange programs offered to Tucson area schools.  We believe that prejudice is bred by ignorance and by offering children insight into diverse, cultural traditions we establish foundations for greater acceptance, thus furthering our mission of creating a more self-expressed, cooperative world for future generations.




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