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Our work focuses on collaborations with local, national and international artists in all disciplines of the arts.  



AFRO-CUBAN SUNDAYS  10:00 am to 11:30 pm



Covering technique in folkloric  musical styles of Bembe, Guiro, Rumba Guaguanco, Rumba Columbia, Rumba Yambu

For more information call 520-370-6885

Virtual and Private sessions available.

Manuel Aregullin was born in  Saltillo, Mexico in 1975. Inspired by his grandfather, jazz saxophonist, Red Holloway, he began his musical education at age six.  


He has studied Conga drumming and Lucumi song forms in Cuba and the US with such masters as Lazaro Galarraga, Michael Spiro, Jesus Diaz, Miguel Bernal, Reynaldo Gonzales, John Santos, Roberto Viscaino, Ramon Perez, Juan De Dios, Francisco Agualbella, and Los Munequitos De Matanzas. 


He currently resides in Tucson where he teaches ongoing classes in drum & song and acts as musical director of his Afro-Cuban ensemble, Ritmo-Bacheche.

Manuel y Daniel copy.JPG

Manuel Aregullin on the left with teacher Daniel Alfonso in Matanzas, Cuba


Artistic Director Eliza Butler created this innovative program. You can learn more about it at or at

Artists join together through the use of social media to form a thought collective surrounding their artistic expression and the themes of identity and social justice. This is a collaborative project to inspire others to consider who we are becoming as a global community. Simultaneously, issues of power and representation are questioned throughout the process of sharing our Voices.

Eliza Butler working backstage at Bertolt Bretch Cultural Center inHabana, Cuba



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